Women peeing while driving

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This is a subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about I literally shit my pants tonight while I literally shit my pants tonight while driving. XVIDEOS 'peeing while driving compilation wife fuck piss pissing got2pee car girls mature teen women drive black amateur fake desi lesbians while driving.

Women peeing while driving

If they're just peeing, you don't need to make a hole, but if necessary, make a very shallow hole first, then have the goer use it. Do not bury the Easy enough for male urination, but for female urination, a female urination device might work too. While driving he would "whip it out" and go into the funnel. 25 Nov 2017 Still, it's not worth risking your life (or anyone else's) to pee in the car while driving . If you can legally and safely do it, exit, pull over and tinkle on the side of the road . However, don't pull your vehicle onto the shoulder of a major freeway or highway to pee. Whether you're a male or female, there is a discreet.

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10 Apr 2015 I've always felt that if I could change one thing about myself, I'd have a bigger bladder installed. My main reason would be because of driving — I hate having to stop to pee while driving. So, the idea of being able to drive and pee without using to diapers — popular among jealous astronauts — has long. 16 Nov 2015 My girlfriend and I were on our way to a wedding in Seattle but we live in Portland and we were running late but she has a bladder that for some reason won't hold an ounce once she enters the car. We were almost there and she had to pee ( again) but there wasn't anywhere to pull over and get a bathroom.

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So I am looking for a surefire way to pee while driving that is safeish and somewhat sanitary. I once was gonna try with a . I always try stuff while driving, but its hard to do things one handed. And I don't like driving with my knees like most women do while putting on makeup, etc. Superbus est, qui loquitur. 19 Aug 2015 We keep portable female pee urinals in our car with the rest of the emergency supplies (including toilet paper). . It is excellent for long trips with the kids, as they can do their pee right there in the car while we are still driving; the urine gets absorbed and gels up so there are no liquids to worry about spilling.

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On our way to the pumpkin patch and what's a girl to do? There's nowhere to stop and no bushes to duck behind. It's a good thing we had coffee on the way. Stuck in holiday traffic? Peeing in your car may not be ideal, but there are discreet ways to relieve yourself while driving.

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Women - highway driving & you have to pee Keep the bearspray handy even while peeing =D. highway driving & you have to pee - three questions!? Today, while driving home I had to pee really bad. I decided to speed to get home quicker. I got pulled over for speeding and peed my pants. The cop, assuming I was.


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